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AnnMarie McKnight
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Nutritionist & Hypnotherapist in Co Kildare


Annmarie is a nutritionist and hypnotherapist based in Co. Kildare. AnnMarie works with people to improve their health through the use of nutritional foods, lifestyle changes and hypnosis..



Scientific research continually demonstrates that our body’s ability to function is significantly affected by what we eat; so much so that it is..


Welcome to Wholesome Nutrition…

If you would like to be educated and supported in making healthy food choices and lifestyle changes then you have come to the right place. I believe that great change can take place if we nourish our bodies with healthy foods and nourish our minds with healthy thoughts.

As a Nutritionist and Clinical Hypnotherapist I can help you to work with both your mind and body to achieve alignment in both to bring you closer to your goals whether this is to lose weight, eat healthier, gain more energy and more clarity of thought. I combine practical dietary changes together with hypnosis which aims to address both body and mind in a holistic approach thereby maximising your chances of success.

Client Testimonials

I would recommend AnnMarie to anyone looking for advice on healthy eating and weightloss and found her to be very knowledgeable and supportive to my health goals. I have learned so much and look forward to a healthier future for myself and my kids.

Theresa, Co. Kildare.

AnnMarie was a great help to me when I was looking for help with anxiety around my weight. I was sick of dieting and found the hypnosis sessions really helped me to relax and focus my mind and motivation. I received great information on healthy and tasty foods plus lots of advice and support which I felt was personal to me. I am no longer confused about what to eat to be healthy and to maintain my weight and would definitely recommend the weight loss programme.

Maria, Co. Kildare.

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

I strongly believe that people need support and coaching to make
changes in their life and that our attitude can
play a huge role in how we succeed.