Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

Nutrition and Lifestyle coaches advise and educate individuals and groups in healthy eating and lifestyle choices to improve health and wellbeing to ensure they are eating for optimal health.

Do the following relate to you:

  • Are you confused about what to eat to be healthy?
  • Do you feel the pounds adding up and postpone doing something about it as you feel you lack the time, knowledge, motivation or support?
  • Have you been advised by your GP/healthcare professional to adopt a healthy diet due to weight, blood sugar issues, high blood pressure, high cholesterol but don’t know where to start?
  • Are you fed up with dieting?
  • Do you have digestive issues like bloating, indigestion, constipation, IBS?
  • Do you constantly battle sugar cravings and blame yourself for not being more disciplined?
  • Are you tired all the time and/or stressed out?
  • Are your hormones all over the place?

Some of the issues that I see clients for are:

  • Digestive – bloating, reflux, constipation, IBS
  • Blood Sugar – sugar cravings, low energy, mood, brain fog
  • Hormonal- PMS, Stress
  • Cardiovascular- High Cholesterol, Hypertension
  • Weight Management

I do not claim to diagnose or cure any of these conditions but through food and lifestyle aim to support and complement any protocol that may have been put in place by your GP or indeed by yourself. I offer strategies for personal change using a step by step approach which is not a one size fits all but which is tailored to your unique needs to work towards a sustainable healthier future which takes into account your food preferences, cooking skills, available time and exercise preferences to educate & motivate you towards personal change that will benefit your quality of life.

What you will get

  • Assessment of your current diet using Nutritics (Dietary analysis software tool) to analyse current food intake and address any nutritional shortfalls through food and tailored supplements if necessary
  • Free printed report of dietary analysis
  • Body composition analysis e.g. BMI, waist hip ratio
  • Fact sheets, recipes, a workable programme unique to you that takes into account your food preferences, cooking skills, available time and exercise preferences to educate & motivate you towards personal change
  • Optional hypnosis to optimise healthy thinking and a healthy attitude

How it works

Once I have received your booking a you will receive a comprehensive questionnaire to complete with questions around sleep, stress, exercise and current and past eating habits. The completed questionnaire is returned to me approx. 48 hrs before the consultation so I can analyse your current diet and produce a free printed report before you arrive so that I can spend more time with you during the consultation.

You will receive a written programme as agreed during the consultation which is customised for you and includes action steps, meal ideas, recipes and lifestyle changes .

I would normally see you again about 4 weeks later to discuss your progress, check how things are going and to adjust, add more steps, eating ideas, recipes if necessary. Support through either email or by text will be made in between each consultation either weekly or depending on how often you feel you need this support.

Initial Consultation takes approx. 1.5 hrs and costs €75

Follow up approx. 4 weeks later takes approx. 45 mins and costs €45

Usually 3 sessions are recommended to obtain optimum results i.e. one initial and 2 follow ups.

If all three sessions are paid up front then the cost is €150- A saving of €15

If weight reduction is your goal then it may be more beneficial to sign up to the 12 week weight management programme.

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

I strongly believe that people need support and coaching to make
changes in their life and that our attitude can
play a huge role in how we succeed.