Stress Relief Programme-8 weeks

Combination of Nutrition-Hypnosis-Reiki to nourish body, mind and soul

This program is for you if you are feeling wired, tired, unable to sleep, feeling under pressure from work, kids, deadlines and don’t have time for yourself.

First session: Body Focus

Dietary analysis of your current food intake to discover which foods are working against you with suggestions for healthy alternatives and recipes/factsheets that will support and nourish the adrenal glands which are responsible for the release of the stress hormone cortisol. Dietary supplements to nourish and support the nervous system may be suggested if necessary to maximise results

2 weeks later: Mind Focus

One hypnosis session to help promote a calm mind and you will be shown how to use self- hypnosis at home. This will help to train the subconscious mind to relax and will include suggestions on relaxation which will penetrate into the subconscious mind for deeper long lasting effects.

2 weeks later: Soul Focus

One hour session of Reiki healing to bring your body, mind and soul into balance. This is optional and can be substituted for an Indian Head Massage or a combination of 30 mins Indian Head Massage with 30 mins of Reiki to soothe and heal body and soul.

2 weeks later: Follow up of nutrition plan from week 1 to assess your current stress levels and to provide any adjustments to diet/recipes to further support your adrenal glands.

Price: €250  in 2 instalments of 125 at first and 2nd session

If paid upfront price is €230  a saving of €20

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

As a clinical hypnotherapist & a nutrition and lifestyle coach I can help
you to work with both your mind and body to achieve alignment
in both so as to ensure great results