‘Release The Weight for a Healthier You’ Programme

12 Week One to One programme with Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching combined with Hypnosis for maximum results, with no dieting and no calorie counting. This is healthy eating for life.

With this program you will be amazed at how full you will feel and how much more energy you will have. This program is for you if you are fed up with dieting, tend to emotionally overeat and want an approach that is personal and private for you. Dieting stresses what you can’t eat, setting up an inner conflict that can enforce cravings for the very food you are trying to avoid and as you rely on will power you end up blaming yourself when you can’t resist that unhealthy food. This is because your mind is working against you and no amount of will power will prevent you from giving in, so it’s time to stop blaming yourself and get ready to see amazing results.

You will learn about how to balance your blood sugar and how this can have a huge effect on our energy levels, mood and your ability to lose excess weight. The combination of hypnosis and a healthy eating and coaching plan will help to re- educate you in healthy eating and snacking, re-program your mind to think like a healthy person, and train your unconscious mind to work with you instead of against to maximise results.

What you will get:

  • Assessment of your current diet using a dietary analysis software tool (Nutritics) to analyse current food intake and address any nutritional shortfalls through food and tailored supplements if necessary
  • Free printed report of dietary analysis
  • Body composition analysis e.g. BMI, waist hip ratio
  • Personalised eating and healthy lifestyle plan to ensure you are eating to support weight loss
  • Fact sheets, recipes, a workable programme unique to you that takes into account your food preferences, cooking skills, available time and exercise preferences to educate & motivate you towards personal change to achieve your goals.
  • Hypnosis for motivation and to address any anxiety you may have around your weight
  • Free Hypnosis MP3/CD to listen to at home to complement the consultations
  • Ongoing support through email/text

Over the course of 12 weeks you will have 4 nutrition consultations and 2 hypnosis consultations with email/text support between consultations to maximise accountability and results

Please note hypnosis is optional and can be excluded from the programme if required.

Price: €330 –  paid in 2 instalments of €165 at week 1 and week 5

If paid upfront cost will be €310- a saving of  €20

Contact me on 086 8971712 or email on info@wholesomenutrition.ie for more information or to sign up

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

As a clinical hypnotherapist & a nutrition and lifestyle coach I can help
you to work with both your mind and body to achieve alignment
in both so as to ensure great results