One-to-one Nutrition Consultations

This is your time…

My approach is to work with you to help you understand first how your diet may be affecting your health and with a non- judgemental approach guide you to eat healthier, adopt a healthy attitude to food and to stop working on auto pilot where you find yourself eating unhealthy foods out of habit or as stress relief/emotional eating.

  • Do you already know you need to eat healthy and/or lose weight or have you been advised by your GP to adopt a healthier lifestyle?
  • Has anyone shown you how?
  • Has anyone acknowledged that it can be difficult to make changes and that there are usually a few good reasons why you wouldn’t want to make these changes?

I look at these reasons with you and together we plan a step by step approach that feels comfortable and workable for you that can be tweaked and modified over a number of weeks so we can get you to a point where you feel comfortable with making changes to your food and lifestyle.

In order to lose weight, look fabulous, and feel amazing, we need to eat the “right foods”. Your body needs food for fuel, but it also needs that food to be the right fuel for your unique body. In working with you I focus on helping you find the foods that reduce inflammation in the body. When food inflames the body, you may experience bloating, acid reflux, headaches, sinus issues, weight gain, arthritis, skin problems, and disease, to name a few. 

While a once off consultation may be beneficial for general dietary advice- in my experience if you are looking for long term benefit working with me for a minimum of 3 months will provide the best opportunity for recommended nutritional advice and dietary changes to take effect. 

Personalised dietary recommendations and /or suggested supplements are intended to be carried out in a step-by-step process with the opportunity to reassess and tweak at subsequent sessions to ensure they are sustainable. Private diagnostic testing may also be suggested if I feel it is warranted but not obligatory.

I have varied programs lasting 3 months and each one differs based on the amount and frequency of support that you would like and prices start at €299 and all include the following:

Summary of What You Will Get

  • Comprehensive health questionnaire & In- depth health & lifestyle assessment to consider symptoms, medical history, family history, lifestyle, stress and  health goals and ambitions
  • 90 min 1:1 Initial consultation with scheduled follow ups 
  • customised Nutrition Programme unique to you and your health goals that takes into account your food preferences, cooking skills, available time and exercise preferences to educate & motivate you towards personal change
  • Meal Plan, recipes, lifestyle advice, supplement advice if necessary
  • Body composition analysis e.g. BMI, waist hip ratio, body fat %(In person only)
  • Advice on functional testing if deemed warranted and Interpretation of test results 
  • Ongoing support by text/email
One-to-one Nutrition Consultations Ireland

The Initial Consultation - How It Works?

Once I have received your booking you will be sent a link to an online comprehensive health and nutrition questionnaire for completion which includes questions around symptoms, sleep, stress, exercise, medical history and current and past eating habits as well as an up to date 3 day food diary. 

This form should be completed and submitted at least 48 hrs before the consultation so I can carry out pre-consultation preparation thereby enabling me to spend more time with you during the consultation.

Based on your completed questionnaire and additional information gathering during the online Zoom nutrition consultation I explain how certain dietary and lifestyle changes can support you in your health goals.   

Together we then put in place a personalised nutrition and health plan of action unique to you and that you feel comfortable with carrying out. Your personal nutrition and diet plan includes meal plans, recipes, lifestyle changes and possibly supplements as deemed necessary. 

You will receive a written nutrition plan as agreed within 72 hours after the consultation which outlines your action steps, recipes etc.

Free 30 min. Nutrition Health Review