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About Me and   Why I can help You

Hi, I’m AnnMarie and I am a qualified Nutritionist based  in Ireland and provide online nutrition consultation and advice.

I specialise in working with people who want to lose weight, improve digestion and support Thyroid health to get their energy back so that they can love their bodies again, rediscover the joy of eating and have the life they love without having to go hungry or eat expensive ‘Health’ food.

I believe that eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard and once we have an understanding of why certain foods are not good for our bodies then it makes any changes more doable and enjoyable. Helping you to make the connection between what you’re eating and your symptoms is a very important aspect of how I work but addressing the symptoms only is not addressing the whole picture.

The Functional Medicine model that I have been trained in looks to uncover underlying causes of disease rather than just treating the symptoms.

Therefore my approach is based on the understanding that signs and symptoms are messages from the body that there may be an imbalance in any of the bodily systems e.g. the Digestive system, Immune system, Cardiovascular system etc that may be contributing to the development of a health condition.

I look to address any imbalances through personalised dietary and lifestyle changes as well as targeted nutritional supplements where deemed necessary. I do not diagnose or claim to treat a medical condition and any diet and lifestyle recommendations are always made to complement your primary care physician’s advice

AnnMarie Nutritionist based in Maynooth

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