Why is poor thyroid function a concern?

Do you have symptoms of fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, constipation, cold intolerance, low mood/depression, as one or all of these can be a result of a low functioning thyroid which is also known as hypothyroidism or underactive Thyroid and means your thyroid is not making enough thyroid hormone.

Approx 90% of Underactive Thyroid is actually an autoimmune condition called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and with Hashimoto’s, your body produces antibodies that attack and destroy the thyroid gland and this prevents your thyroid gland from producing enough thyroid hormones. Like many other autoimmune conditions the health of your digestive system plays a huge role in managing Hashimotos Thyroiditis. 

You may already have a diagnosis and are on medication but do you still don’t feel right? Perhaps you find it’s an uphill struggle just to get through the day as you are so wrecked or suffer with constipation or low mood and find that extra weight that you have gained just won’t budge no matter what you do?

Or maybe you haven’t had a diagnosis of a Thyroid condition but feel sluggish, have low mood, tired all the time or finding it really hard to lose the extra weight then maybe your thyroid function is something that may benefit from being tested fully. I can advise and organise the testing of full Thyroid markers that give a more complete picture as most tests carried out by a blood test (usually with your GP) generally only test for a few markers like TSH and T4 but this won’t tell the full story so this is where I can help.

Untreated hypothyroidism can contribute to mental decline, heart disease, decreased lung function, and abnormal enlargement of the thyroid gland (also known as goiter). For women, there’s a higher chance of having heavy, irregular or prolonged menstrual periods, problems with conceiving and an increased risk of miscarriage. 

You don’t have to live with symptoms of fatigue, foggy brain, cold intolerance, low mood, constipation, weight gain so get your life back and look forward to a new you!

As an experienced Nutritional Therapist specialising in Thyroid health I can help you by assessing your diet and lifestyle, interpret blood markers as well address your digestive health and put together a personalised eating plan to ensure you are taking in the many important nutrients for optimal Thyroid function.

Price for 3 month program €299 paid upfront or avail of a 3 monthly payment subscription of €105. 

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