3 Month Program to support you on your journey to a healthy weight combining Nutritional Therapy with optional Hypnosis for maximum results, with no dieting and no calorie counting. Get both mind and body on board to help you reach your goal .

  • Are you fed up with dieting & calorie counting?
  • Fed up with feeling hungry when trying to manage your weight?
  • Do you have belly fat that is not shifting despite exercising more or eating less?
  • Do you have problems with blood sugar control, e.g. prediabetes or Type 2 Diabetes?
  • Do you have energy and mood slumps on and off during the day?
  • Have you tried willpower to eat healthy & lose weight to no avail?
  • Do you feel your mindset is playing a role in sabotaging your efforts?
  • Do you feel you emotionally overeat?

This program will address all of the above and is customised exactly to your needs. 

Diets tend to focus only on what you can’t eat and the amount of calories you are allowed to have which only serves to set up an inner conflict that can enforce cravings for the very food you are trying to avoid. You then try to use will power which will only work for a short time so when you give in you end up blaming yourself when you can’t resist that unhealthy food. 

So with my approach the focus is on the type and quality of the food you are eating as well as the timing of your meals rather than on the amount of calories you are consuming and in eating this way ensures you don’t feel deprived and you don’t feel hungry. Changing your eating habits takes time to put into practice so a one size all approach does not work for most people as everyone is starting off from a different playing field. 

Addressing hormonal health is a key factor for healthy sustainable weight especially when we hit our 40’s onwards. The old routine of eating less and moving more just doesn’t cut it anymore as there are other factors to consider like Thyroid function, Stress levels as well as addressing the quality of food rather than the quantity of the food. As we get older the focus needs to be on hormonal balance where the hormones insulin and cortisol can prevent weight loss despite your best efforts so another very important factor in successful weight loss is having balanced blood sugar throughout the day and you will learn how and what to eat to ensure balanced blood sugar which is key to supporting your body to burn fat as well as optimising energy levels, mood and concentration.

Price: 3 month Weight Loss programme €349 paid upfront or avail of a 3 monthly payment subscription of €125 per month for 3 months.

Option: Add in 2 online Hypnosis sessions for an extra €150 (Total €499) paid upfront or avail of a 3 monthly payment subscription of €175 per month for 3 month.

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